Stop looking like a newbie: Step 3 – Get a new walk

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3. Get a new walk

Step 3 of 5 in “How to stop looking like a newbie in Second Life

You might be looking less like a lump of Linden clay now, but you need to stop walking like a duck if you want to look like a seasoned Second Lifer. To get a new walk, the best thing to do is to buy an ANIMATION OVERRIDE, or AO for short. An AO will usually override the default walk, sit, stand and fly animations that come pre-loaded with Second Life. Below, I also describe another way to get a new walk, but an AO is the best imo.

To find an AO, search in the same way you did for your shape & skin. You might need to look for “animation” instead of AO if you want the widest results. The quality and price of AOs ranges widely, from about $150 – $900. AOs at the cheaper end often only include a walk override, and maybe one or two standing poses. More expensive AOs can include a variety of different walks, jumps, animated standing poses that appear to shift their weight/fidget, as well as swimming animations, different stages of flying, hovering and more. You generally get what you pay for, but watch out: some AOs have been created by amateur developers, who haven’t coded things in the best way. This can result in strange body positions, or create “lag” both for yourself, and those around you. My advice is to buy an AO from a reputable animation developer, such as Abranimations or ANOmations. I’d advise against buying an AO from a shop that primarily sells other things & just has 1 AO randomly thrown in there. You might think you’re getting a bargain, but Vista Animations has a cheap & basic AO for $150 for the budget conscious.

Once you have purchased your AO, you simply wear it and turn it on to override all your default animations. The AO will usually display itself as a HUD (heads up display) on your screen, just like fighter pilots have. Note: only you can see the HUD, no one else can. You can click on the HUD or type special commands to (de)activate the various animations. You will usually get a notecard with instructions as part of the package when you buy your AO. Be sure to read these and save them for reference.

Now, as I mentioned, there are other ways to stop walking like a duck, especially if you are a female avatar. Many animation shops sell individual “walk” animations, that you can play (right-click, and choose “Play in world”) or load onto a blank HUD. You can pick up a free HUD at Vista Animations if you want to do this. But the cheapest and easiest way for a female avatar to get a new walk is to buy some shoes that have a walk animation built in. Of course, the shoes only include the walk animation, and an AO includes all kinds (standing, sitting,flying, etc), which is why I said an AO is best. However, there are times when you may not be able to use an AO, and some can take up a lot of processing power, so sometimes a simple shoe-walk will do. I recommend Sylfie’s Prim Seduction for a huge range of shoes that come with a sexy walk included. Sylfie also includes a version without the sexy walk, so you can wear the shoes & use your AO, too. Never wear the animated shoes and your AO at the same time, as it can cause unwanted conflicts.

Conveniently enough, shopping for shoes (& clothes) is next on the list of steps to stop looking like a newbie…

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Stop looking like a newbie: Step 2 – Get a new skin Stop looking like a newbie: Step 4 – Get all dressed up

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