How to ‘whisper’ in Second Life

September 13, 2007 at 2:18 pm Leave a comment

There are 2 main ways to communicate by text in SecondLife: typing directly into the Chat box, which means everyone within a 20 metre radius will hear you; or via IM (Instant Message), which is a private chat that no-one except you and the person you are IMing with will hear. But you probably already know that…

… what you might not know is that there is another way of communicating by text with the people in your immediate area, just more ‘quietly’ – useful if you want to talk openly, but without disturbing other people in a busy space. ‘Whispering’ in this way reduces the radius in which your conversation can be heard, from the usual 20 metres down to 10 metres.

It’s easy to do: simply put a / in front of whatever you have to say, like this:

/ I am whispering, woo hoo!

Of course another way would be to use a Group IM, but that can be too much of a hassle if you’re typing quickly. This way is easier – but of course, it’s not as private!

You might also like to check out this article, which covers all the basics of interacting in SecondLife. It was written specifically for SecondFest newbies, but most of the info in there is still relevant/useful.


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